Thank you for visiting Coast Alive Stewardship Services, an environmental stewardship business operating out of Salt Spring Island, BC. Coast Alive specializes in the care and restoration of natural forest and wetland ecosystems through the control of aggressive non-native species and the planting and protection of native shrubs and trees.

Environmental stewardship has such wonderful results, bringing beauty, diversity, and resilience to land disturbed by human activities. Stewardship activities also attract wildlife, lower wildfire risk, and create a healthy landscape, in the most economic manner possible.

Coast Alive Services operates on the principle that stewardship and restoration should be as low-impact as possible. This means stepping lightly on the land, minimizing the use of fossil fuels in particular and machines in general, and sourcing materials locally when possible.

Call, text or email for more information or a free consultation. Let’s keep our beautiful coastal ecosystems alive and healthy!

Christopher Drake, MSc (Ecology) – Owner/operator

Cell (call or text): 250-221-1342

Email: drake@coastaliveservices

Address: 144 Graham Drive, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1J5

Website last updated: May 2022

Thankful to operate on the unceded traditional territories of the Coast and Straits Salish people, the original stewards of this land.

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