Presentations, Workshops, Consultations

PRESENTATIONS: Chris Drake has been giving presentations on various ecological subjects for many years and has developed an engaging and informative technique. The most recent presentation was a webinar in March 2022 for the Salt Spring Island Conservancy titled “Environmental Stewardship on Private and Protected Land: small-scale ecosystem restoration through the combination of invasive plant control, wildlife habitat enhancement, and wildfire risk reduction.” The attendance for this webinar was quite high, and two more have been scheduled for the coming year. See it here:

A similar Zoom presentation was well received by a Gabriola Island NGO. Other presentations have included “View from the ground: The dirty work of environmental restoration.” at the Society for Ecological Restoration’s annual conference in Belgium, and “Seaweed to the Rescue? Soil sustainability and food security on island nations” at the Island Studies 2013 conference on Gabriola Island.

WORKSHOPS: Coast Alive Stewardship Services is also available to run workshops that can either be general in nature or specific to a location or situation. The workshop would run between several hours (eg a three-hour workshop on removing Scotch broom) and several days (eg a two-day workshop on creating a stewardship plan) depending on the topic. You provide the location and desire and Coast Alive provides the instruction.

CONSULTATIONS: Shorter consultations are free and encouraged – even if they result in no work, meeting people and discussing stewardship options is always a good thing. However, Coast Alive also offers longer consultations, to help you make stewardship management plans for the short- or long-term.

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